Karen Walker

For more information on this program and how you can get enrolled contact:

Dr. Karen Walker
Chair of Women’s Veteran Transition program
email: leadingbymyponytail@gmail.com

F-SET Model:

Femininity (F)
Finding yourself:  Who are you?

Self-Efficacy (S)
Confidence, competence, motivation, behavior, social environment;

Leading men & women, war zones, corporate change and crisis

Emotional Intelligence (E)
Control and expression of emotion; interpersonal relationships for

personal and professional success; Exploration

Teamwork (T)
Trust, collaboration, &  networking

Program follows a proven effective leadership model for women

As the Chair of the Women Veterans Transition Program the focus is on the premier assessment, guidance, and transformation of women veterans skills to lead in various professions and career levels with distinction. Combat Boots to Heels is a professional development program specific to women veterans in any stage of transition from the military and life.
Our exclusive “Combat Boots to Heels” program arms female veterans with pride and stride as it is tailored to meet each individual where they are and guide them where they want to be.

For more information on our program you can email Dr. Karen Walker or click our registration button to register and you will be contacted by one of our representatives.