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For 8 years the professional and continuing education at Synergy Learning Institute has provided working professionals with access to quality courses, certificate programs and professional training.
Our online certificate and university accredited courses are designed for working individuals who want to build their career with our online course flexibility. Our catalog offers individual courses, certificate programs and university accredited courses that offer the knowledge and expertise needed to take you to the next level in your career.
Synergy Learning Institute is a technical vocational college who has partnered with several universities to bring in U.S accredited programs along with their professional development and vocational training programs.
Why complete an international certificate program.
  • Receive academic achievement in an area of specialization to advance you in your career and possibly moving up the salary schedule.
  • Complete a certificate in 4-18 months, Less time that it typically takes to earn a graduate degree.
  • Develop and update your professional skills and knowledge to make you more effective in your field with in-depth learning.
  • Provide expertise in specific areas of study and provide value-added benefits that are highly visible to your organization.
What is a Certificate?
Synergy certificate accredited university programs that offer results-orientated, targeted courses designed especially for busy working people. You will develop critical workplace knowledge, skills and tools that you can apply immediately.
A certificate is a rigorous program of study that demonstrates a progression of learning and the mastery of a specific body of knowledge. Certificates at Synergy have gone through extensive community reviews, curricular oversight, and university approvals before they are offered for continuing education or professional development.

 Entrepreneurship Program

In partnership with Belhaven University, Synergy Learning, and Peregrine Academics, Envisage Global is pleased to announce completion of its “Africa Entrepreneurship Program” specific to the geo-cultural and socio-economic nuances of the African Republics.  There are 12 certificates in the program and each is designed to be accepted as college level credit through an independent prior learning assessment by a regionally accredited university.  Courses are focused on practical application of academic theory and culminate with a business plan and proposal for business implementation.  For information on this program or any of our specialized education initiatives, please contact us at

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