Michael Hawthorne

Michael Hawthorne’s manufacturing career started as a laborer at the former AK Steel Mill in
Ohio and ended over 32 years later as a plant manager in San Diego. He realized at age 33 that a
college degree was the only way out of the daily grind on the shop floor. The combination of
textbook theory learned as a non-traditional student while working rotating shifts hundreds of
hours of overtime each year gave Mr. Hawthorne a unique view of decision making, business in
general and leadership. After leaving manufacturing, he decided to become involved in the
education industry, first as an adjunct faculty member at several colleges and universities, then
enjoying successes as a campus director for several schools. Michael’s primary reason for
engaging in education was to help prepare the next generation(s) for their upcoming challenges
as future leaders of industry and government. Mr. Hawthorne earned three degrees while
working in that steel mill: Associates of Science from Central Ohio Technical College, Bachelor
of Arts (Business) from Otterbein College and Masters in Business Administration from Franklin

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