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Program Overview

This program prepares students to identify their entrepreneurial interests through a combination of exploration, readings, and close interaction with successful entrepreneurs. Key projects include a systematic search to identify how past achievements can best align with career pursuits. Students will take ownership of their entrepreneurial ideas through a trend analysis and creation of an elevator pitch. Whether students plan to create a new enterprise, join a startup upon graduation, or seek positions in more established firms, there is a role for entrepreneurship in all of these sectors.

Purpose of the Program

In this program, students will begin with the inception of the business.  They will start with an idea and build toward the starting of their businesses. Each course will require a next step in the business plan beginning with initial startup, followed by marketing, finances, and other considerations.


12-month program

In this economy, trends are driving the growth of the gig economy. The idea of being in a full-time job with someone else as your boss is disappearing. In this course, students will learn to discover their personal visions of success, identify and find gigs to increase opportunities and expand their networks, and understand how to create income security and an exit strategy.  Students will also learn to restructure their financial lives and increase financial flexibility and security.

The same startup idea can grow up to be many different companies. The route to taking a given idea to a sustainable and profitable company involves crafting a clear strategy. In this class, an integrated strategy framework for innovation-based entrepreneurs is provided by outlining four core strategic choices that form the pillars of strategic decision-making and presenting a framework that delivers four distinct strategic playbooks of how those core strategic choices are combined to form a successful strategy around a given entrepreneurial idea.

A majority of businesses fail within the first two years, and a significant percentage of the initial survivors do not last much longer. There are many reasons for this including inexperienced management, lack of sufficient capital, failure to do proper marketing, and a lack of financial competency. This course is designed to teach students how to properly structure, systematize, and manage a business of any size or type, service, or product in any industry. This course will also address their leadership style, approach and implementation of this in their business.

Essentials of Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides an introduction to critical knowledge and skills related to creating new business and product ideas. In this course, you will discover new ways of thinking, learn to drive innovative initiatives, and approach business challenges with a fresh perspective. By the end of the course, you will be able to understand the principles and methods of idea generation and development.

Being able to communicate your ideas accurately and persuasively is essential in a business environment. Explore the communication skills necessary in a business startup and in the day-to-day running of your business. Topics include recognizing and responding to nonverbal messages, personal vs. position power, negotiation, accommodating individual differences (age, culture, gender), and giving and receiving constructive criticism.

This course provides practical ideas and applications of marketing, advertising, and sales promotion techniques for managers/owners. Topics include marketing, planning, company positioning; networking; personal selling; improving the company image; public relations and product/service; marketing on the Internet; market research; and selecting and using the right advertising medium.

This program walks you through, step-by-step, how to improve your funding outcomes for your entrepreneurial project. You will learn how to structure your project so it is more investable, communicate the investment merits of your project, be more efficient in the fundraising process, and improve the terms of investments.

Business Law for Entrepreneurs is an introductory course focused on educating individuals starting or investing in a new business in South Africa/Mozambique. Our objective is to provide an overview of common legal issues most likely to be faced by entrepreneurs, such as Business Formation and Structure, Governance and Employment Contracts, Intellectual Property and Taxation.

You will develop the skills and knowledge to formulate structural and human resource management practices as important drivers of an organization’s ability to accept risk, and be innovative and entrepreneurial.

The goal of this course is to create an entrepreneurial experience for you with all of the pressures and demands of the real world in an early-stage startup. You will be getting hands-on experience talking to customers, partners and competitors as you encounter the chaos and uncertainty of how a startup actually works. Finally, based on the customer and market feedback you gathered, you will integrate on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to rapidly evolve something customers would actually buy.

In this Capstone project, you will be assembling a pitch deck for a new venture, including the key deliverables (e.g., customer needs, concept description, financials, and so forth).


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is an evaluation process performed by colleges and universities to determine if credit recommendations can be provided for learning experiences that have taken place outside of a traditional college classroom. If credit hours are assessed and/or recommended by the evaluating institution, the student has the opportunity to apply those credit hour recommendations as elective credit or general education credit toward a degree program at that institution.

In partnership with Belhaven University, Synergy Learning, and Peregrine Academics, Envisage Global is pleased to announce the completion of its Entrepreneurship Program.  There are 12 certificates in the program and each is designed to be accepted as college-level credit through an independent prior learning assessment by a regionally accredited university.  Courses are focused on practical application of academic theory and culminate with a business plan and proposal for business implementation.  For information on this program or any of our specialized education initiatives, please contact us at

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