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Dr. Karen Walker

Synergy Learning Institute Veteran Transition program offers a myriad of transition programs for Active duty, Reserve, and veteran service members at any stage in their transition from military to civilian life. These programs are filled with interactive courses that include personal assessments in the areas of self-efficacy, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and organizational effectiveness. Each student receives personalized feedback from expert consultants who are either veterans themselves or have first-hand experience working with veterans transitioning. These assessments are developed by organizational psychologists to provide the introspective awareness needed for individuals to take a deeper dive into matching their unique skillsets, transition mindset, and passions for the maximum quality of life.

Synergy works with military members, veterans, and their spouses throughout their transition connecting them with internships and job opportunities that align with their assessment results and personal short, mid, and long term goals. Through combining their skillsets and their passions, Synergy Learning Institute helps develop the confidence to tackle life’s challenges in a variety of ways while teaching the individual about their resources to continue to succeed and explore new adventures.

Combat Boots to Heels Program

Combat Boots to Heels have a unique focus on the premier assessment, guidance, and transformation of women veteran’s skills to lead in various professions and career levels with distinction. This course is a professional development program specific to women veterans at any stage of transition from the military and life. Each module is designed to arm female veterans with pride and stride as they are tailored to meet each individual where they are and guide them where they want to be.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Take a self-awareness assessment gleaming into the pillars of success within the F-SET model.
  2. Gain understanding and application of the F-SET model for professional development.
  3. Discover confidence and competence that makes you marketable in the workforce and in your relationships.

Interested in the program?

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