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Strategy & Stakeholders

This course is the 1st course of a 3 course series for obtaining an Executive Leadership Certificate. In this 1st course you will learn about leadership strategy and stakeholder alignment. This is the organizational capacity to understand what is really happening and what is needed, to craft high-leverage strategies, establish crucial goals and a smart, dynamic plan, and to enroll key stakeholders in the vision and plan. This course teaches you exactly what you need to do to accelerate leadership and elevate performance in your team/organization through better strategy, more effective planning and greater stakeholder commitment.

Course 1


3 modules

This skill set is concerned with your ability to establish and articulate your organization’s direction in the form of vision, values and purpose, then to align all key stakeholders so that they feel and demonstrate a shared commitment to it.

This skill set is concerned with your ability to evaluate the landscape (both external conditions as well as internal organizational dynamics) to determine what is really happening, the key drivers impacting the environment, what is most important for your organization, and what is most needed. 

This skill set is concerned with your ability to develop and evolve organizational strategies, establish and revise goals and objectives, and prioritize the highest-leverage projects that will lead to desired outcomes each quarter and each year.

Execution & Performance

This course is the 2nd course of a 3 course series for obtaining an Executive Leadership Certificate. In this 2nd course you will learn how to improve productivity using various tools and methods. Additionally you will gain an understanding of project implementation and how to manage the performance of your employees.

Course 2


3 modules

This skill set involves managing performance so that responsibilities, expectations, and agreements are consistently met, including ongoing “accountability conversations” to manage commitments and breakdowns when expectations are not met.

This skill set is concerned with planning quarterly and monthly projects, defining objectives, workstreams, tasks and timelines, coordinating the people and activities necessary to stay on track and consistently complete projects on time and on budget. 

This skill set is concerned with your ability to help your organization complete work in a productive, organized, efficient and effective way, including managing calendars and tasks, running effective meetings, and staying focused and proactive in the face of distractions, urgencies and obstacles.

Culture & Teamwork

This course is the 3rd course of the 3 course series for obtaining an Executive Leadership Certificate. In this 3rd course you will learn about your capability to set your employees up for success, to be motivating, level-up your communication skills, create a more conducive environment and cultivate high-performance teamwork. You will learn exactly how to set people up for success and establish healthy culture, including what it really takes to keep people motivated. You will also level up your communication and teamwork.

Course 3


3 modules

This skill set is concerned with your ability to set people up for success—this includes equipping teams with the structure, culture, training, tools and support they need to achieve shared organizational goals.

This skill set is concerned with effective communication which involves social awareness, listening, framing, feedback, dialog, collaboration, working with assumptions and interpretations, and managing conflict.

This skill set is concerned with keeping people engaged and motivated by understanding their needs, values, and intrinsic motivators, and appealing to each person’s particular worldview and leadership preferences.


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is an evaluation process performed by colleges and universities to determine if credit recommendations can be provided for learning experiences that have taken place outside of a traditional college classroom. If credit hours are assessed and/or recommended by the evaluating institution, the student has the opportunity to apply those credit hour recommendations as elective credit or general education credit toward a degree program at that institution.

In partnership with Belhaven University, Synergy Learning, and Peregrine Academics, Envisage Global is pleased to announce the completion of its Entrepreneurship Program.  There are 12 certificates in the program and each is designed to be accepted as college-level credit through an independent prior learning assessment by a regionally accredited university.  Courses are focused on practical application of academic theory and culminate with a business plan and proposal for business implementation.  For information on this program or any of our specialized education initiatives, please contact us at

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