Alisha Matelski

I come from a family where military service was not only appreciated but very much welcomed. My husband spent 12 years in the military before being medically retired and I myself retired after 20 years in the Air Force. My career field in the Air Force was Electronic Countermeasures Systems but I learned early on that my best work was in administrative and clerical work. My attention to detail is extreme and recognized. I spent 10 years in a variety of administrative and leadership positions for which I was continuously lauded by supervisors. After I retired from the Air Force, I moved my family to be close to my mother. My father had passed in 2014 and I knew my mother could use our help. I had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2010 and knew that was my key to getting a job outside the military. It was harder than I expected to find a business willing to offer me that first job, as I was fresh out of the military. Nowadays military service is not always positive on a resume, however, the Dean of the College of Science at the University of Idaho gave me a shot for which I will always be grateful!

My goal of using my Bachelor’s Degree to get an administrative job, no matter how low in the office hierarchy, and move my way up the chain into a management-type position is well on its way to success. I worked for the University of Idaho in an Administrative position for about a year then received a job offer with Whitman County, Washington. I currently have three and a half years of experience with Whitman County as an Office Specialist balancing reception with financial, policy, and clerical duties. I coordinate these office duties for six different departments and my work seems to be very much appreciated!