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President Synergy Learning Institute
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Dr. Julie M. Ducharme

Dr. Julie Ducharme DBA


Dr. Julie Ducharme has been an integral part of the city of San Diego beginning in 1995 when she was recruited to play volleyball for San Diego Christian College. Julie attended from 1995-1999 and during that time won 2 national titles and broke many other records while playing for the school. While at the school Dr. Ducharme was very involved with the community. She worked as an assistant for San Diego Christian College’s PR office specifically with public outreach for the school. Julie designed a float for 4 years for the Mother Goose Parade and 3 years in a row won best float prize. In order to become even more connected with the community of San Diego Julie was an intern in the Mayor’s office for Byron Wear. After graduating Dr. Ducharme continued her sports career playing volleyball overseas professionally and finished her advanced degrees.

For the last 15 years, Dr. Ducharme has been working with corporations, colleges and universities in San Diego and outside of San Diego as well. Dr. Ducharme holds a BA in communication, MBA with a specialization in marketing, and a DBA with a specialization in Leadership. Dr. Ducharme is a public speaker and has spoken with and at many universities across the U.S. and corporations on leadership, business, and marketing. Dr. Ducharme is also a published author with a children’s book, Amy the Clumsy Angel, Women in Senior Leadership Positions in Academia, Award-winning The Refractive Thinker: Social Responsibility, best paper at the IBAMM conference. She currently is the owner/creator/CEO of JD Consulting LLC, the owner/creator/CEO of Julie’s Party People, and president of Synergy Learning Institute. Dr. Ducharme is also a professor/doctorate chair and mentor for the DBA Program at Walden University. She regularly consults businesses and schools in various areas of business, public outreach, curriculum, program design and many other topics in the business and academic arena.