Therese Baptiste

An academic and consultant by day and an advocate for a more inclusive society … all her life.
Therese Baptiste is a former UN Ambassador and WTO Permanent Representative for her home country, now a resident and a citizen of Belgium, where she lectures and coaches university students from all over the world on topics such as Challenges of Globalization, Global Trade, Critical Thinking, Negotiation Skills, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Intercultural Communications Skills.  If this did not already represent a full workload, she also finds time to function as a Capstone Project coach, as well as being a Talent and Management Development coach.

As an Advisory Board member of Actionable Knowledge Foundation Institute and a member of a variety of organizations focused on social improvement and inclusion for all, Therese advocates for a proper understanding of the impact of digital transformation, diversity, human rights, and migration issues which effect our lives.

Therese educates and inspires audiences in her distinctive, entertaining, and inquisitive manner, and has appeared on a variety of webinars. She makes every interaction a memorable one, emphasizing actionable advice to life’s quandaries, with the goal of accumulating positive changes that benefit both the present and the future.

Her life motto is – “Being passionate about what you do is the key to success and using that passion to help others is the key to happiness.”