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Senior VP of Curriculum

Dr. Joshua Ducharme, an educator and school administrator for 20+ years has years of experience in the field of education spanning K-12 and higher education.

Throughout his time in education he has spent years developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning that educators all over the country use in their classrooms and schools. He has a comprehensive mastery at primary and intermediate levels, higher education, and has created curricula and professional development training while recognizing state professional standards for teachers and a cultural positive learning environment that recognizes a diverse community of learners.

Dr. Ducharme holds a Doctorate in Education: Organizational Management and Leadership (Ed.d), a Masters in Education with a concentration of cross cultural literacy (M. Ed), a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in fine arts (BA). Additionally Dr. Ducharme holds a CA Cleared Credential (CLAD). Dr. Ducharme has been recognized as a high quality teacher and awarded numerous accolades for his unique approaches to education. His innovative approaches have landed him on numerous podcasts, journal publications, and as a keynote speaker at conferences around the nation.

Dr. Ducharme believes that in order to make effective change in education you have to disrupt the norm, get out of your comfort zone, push yourself to innovate, and become the human dopamine dealer for your students.

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