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As a change maker, Dr. Julie Ducharme has dedicated her career to empower and support people in their endeavors and dreams. People from all over, including the corporate sector and those returning to the workforce, have taken the advice and guidance of Dr. Julie and learned how to use their strengths to maximize their work/life success. Her unique speaking style ignites the passion inside us all and makes that tiny spark into a blaze of empowerment.
Since earning her MBA and Doctorate degrees in business and organizational leadership, Dr. Julie has become a 5x national bestselling author, recognized by INC magazine, hosts a podcast, numerous TV appearances with CBS, ABC, and Fox, a professional public speaker, and a serial entrepreneur.

 Her most recent book Authentically You Empowering Your Way to Success, is changing the way women approach their lives. Julie is also a serial entrepreneur with 4 companies. Dr. Ducharme is also regularly invited to help new schools get off the ground, with her newest project, Axis Sports Academy, where she has taken on the role of Chief Academic Officer/Provost, building out one of the most innovative STEAM and athletics high schools in the nation.

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